Our Work

We provide a wide array of services and solutions to our partners and clients. Our team of experts spend quality time understanding your precise needs and deliver impeccable services that fulfill all your needs.

Due Diligence

For both budding entrepreneurs and successful chief executives alike, mergers and acquisitions can be harrowing. Overlooking even the most seemingly trivial of details can result in the entire deal falling through, at the detriment of one or all parties involved. We meticulously go over contract terms and governing regulations so you do not have to. Our Due Diligence teams are highly proficient in all legal matters related to buy-side transactions. You do not have to take the journey alone. Look to us to be your guiding light.

Strategic Advising

Strategy and planning services are really a catch-all for anything that management has to consider in order to keep their operations running smoothly. This could include budgets, human capital, restructures, and an endless line up of other challenges.

We employee a considerable breadth of experts across many different knowledge areas, which means no matter where you need a new strategy, our staff can aide your chief decision-makers

Financial Consulting

As the world turns to increasingly digital ways of operating, the threat surface for malicious actors increases. The financial services sector is at an elevated risk of attack due to its importance in fueling the global economy. Furthermore, man-made threats are not the only possible pain point for institutions like banks either. Simple processing errors can account for mass losses, leaving your business and its customers in a precarious position.

R. Baker Consulting Group offers several types of support models for clients, so regardless of your areas of opportunity, we can help you identify as well as overcome any stress points and achieve your intended goals with ease.